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Color trend

After years of unremitting efforts by the company team, it has become a strategic partnership with many domestic and foreign brands.









Navy blue

Fabric trends

The company has been committed to the development and production of medium and high-grade fabrics such as Tencel, human silk, modal, copper ammonia, nylon-cotton interwoven windbreaker, and Korean high-elastic polyester.

Tencel fabric

        Tencel fiber is a high-moisture modulus cellulose fiber produced by Austrian Lenzing Company. The fiber material is from wood and can be naturally regenerated. It adopts (NMMO) solvent spinning process and there is no whole production process. Poisonous, non-polluting. Tencel products can be biodegraded after use and will not pollute the environment.
        Tencel products have very good performance, and are soft, comfortable, breathable, smooth and cool, drapable, durable, easy to care, and so on. Among the many fast-selling brands, ZARA prefers Tencel. Every spring and summer, there are many basic models used in Tencel products, such as the names TEN3020 and TEN3017, the twill weaves for windbreakers and trousers, and the TEN3021 for shirts and skirts. .

        In the field of clothing in recent years, the application of rayon has become more and more extensive. Under the premise of comfort, pay attention to fashion and beauty, then the products of general anesthesia are more difficult to guarantee. 
         Such as the name of the name of 12,686 people, silk, silk, pineapple, especially popular, the style is more extensive, can be used for small cardigans, skirts, pants. 12868 and 11254 are satin-like tissues, similar to silk forging, suitable for shirts and skirts. For example, the 50D rayon is extremely thin, almost the same as the silk look and feel.

Rayon fabric

Nylon cotton, polyester-cotton interwoven fabric

        NC/TC interlaced products, shirts used to be mainly cotton, but cotton is not wrinkle-resistant, and the strength is not good. The elastic poplin products interwoven with cotton and nylon are smooth, shiny, and self-cultivating. More manageable.
        The windbreaker products are all made up of NC.TC high-density and high-density fabrics. These fabrics have a good width and are more wrinkle-resistant and more fashionable than cotton products.